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  1. Astrology forecast for the 12222, the year of the Yellow Earth PIG
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The second component is the spontaneous affiliation of the cycle. The Pig itself is a water element, but in the Earth will dominate. This is a purely material, in a certain sense, even a mundane, element that says that before you go to the stars, you need to make sure there is a solid foundation under your feet. We are talking about an ideological basis and good theoretical training. In other words, in this cycle it is better not to take risks and not make decisions that were not objectively well thought out.

All actions should be supported by an analysis and a clear understanding of the situation. Support can be expressed by friends, relatives or colleagues, such a basis is not less important, given the contact of the Pig, which will be discussed below.

Astrology forecast for the 12222, the year of the Yellow Earth PIG

Earth elements, dominating in , via the eastern tradition teaches us to never forget about where we began our journey. This includes respect for elders, love for their native land, confidence in their own forces, formed not alone, but by joint efforts of the whole family. In this sense, Chinese astrology is similar to the traditional foundations of the ancient Slavs, whose social cell was not a family at all, but a genus that included not five or seven but several hundred people who, as we have said, were considered close relatives.

The third component of is the patron of the Zodiac that actually protects it. Pig in the Chinese tradition is a sacred animal, a symbol of prosperity, social adaptability, success and development. It's an animal that always knows exactly what it wants. It knows how to take advantage of any situation, caring for their offspring, but at the same time is characterized as a fairly naive being. That is why the cycle that the Pig dominates is always sincere and open.

People who gravitate to trickery and deceit lose at such times, their energy level is significantly reduced, and they cannot quickly adapt to new conditions, although they should strive to do just that. The Pig teaches us to find a common language with everyone in any situation. It is not necessary to bring this thesis to fanaticism, but in , those who know how to or want to learn to quickly establish strong ties who are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation, do not hold grudges and are able to forgive.

That is why will definitely become a very important period for all, without exception. This time will give new opportunities in terms of earnings, give important acquaintances, and help in self-actualization in all aspects of life. Yearly horoscope for each zodiac sign.