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  1. FACT 1: Honesty is very important to a Scorpio.
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Ancient astrologists considered them to be geniuses, but people born under this sign have few other skills and they have difficulty realising their original ideas. It is believed that in order to put their ideas into practice they have to be driven by a very negative energy or by the desire to outdo somebody. Scorpios are very charming companions, who can have many good ideas and everybody around them will be affected by them. They have attractive personalities and they spare no effort or means to entertain people who they like.

They have strong personalities and they can skilfully conceal their feelings. Their partners will often never know about their jealousy and their colleagues will never learn about their envy. These people often experience agonising states of mind while others around them have no idea about it. They are individuals particularly suitable for managerial positions.

Even though they are demanding bosses, they are popular among their subordinates. The planets Pluto and Mars, which rule their sign, give them not only their fighting spirit, but also talent for medicine, particularly for surgery, for which they have all prerequisites and inner strength that will heal everybody.

Both Scorpio men and women tend to be more spiritual than religious. Non-conforming, they tend to find the answers to life questions through their own experiences. Scorpios are quick to say what they feel. Typically, Scorpios are not so very showy in terms of their true feelings towards their beloved. They tend to hide it as much as they can, analyzing everything, creating a very high wall to protect themselves of pain and hurt. They can be cold and sarcastic in front of the one they love to push them away so that they will not love them that much ending up hurting themselves instead, seeing them walking away in their lives.

They would want to know if you are worthy enough to understand them and your love for them will stand their tides of emotions and love waves. Only a few passed in this test. We need someone who can understand and accept every part of us. When you like someone, you do so totally and obsessively. If you do not like someone, they do not exist. Is this the reason you try so hard not to judge others?

To top it off my grandpa once came back home with a pony he impulsively stole bought at a county fair. A not so commonly known fact about the sign of Scorpio is that we are represented by three different symbols: the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix. We are also ruled by two different planets: Mars the ancient ruler , and Pluto the modern ruler.

You may have wondered why this is if you have ever encountered this fact, even if you are a Scorpio yourself. The short answer is that Scorpio is a multifaceted, complex creature molded by the power of transformation. The scorpion represents those who rely on their baser instincts and are prone to sting their prey, figuratively speaking. The eagle is said to represent those Scorpios who soar above the lowly scorpions and are not tormented by their obsessions, though they can and will still sting those who cross them.

The phoenix is the symbol of transformation, the ones who have delved into the deeper mysteries of life and come out the other end much the wiser. Regeneration is a common theme for Scorpios, and we continually strive to be like the phoenix. The need to regenerate is in some ways instinctual for Scorpio, the only way to continually regain an understanding of ourselves and face the world anew when all else fails. But not because Scorpio feel ashamed, oh no… Scorpio is a mystery - and they like it that way. Every secret and every feeling is private, and concealed by a collected composure so that Scorpio stays a mystery.

Spilling secrets of any kind is seen as treasonous betrayal in their passionate eyes. Their feelings are fierce and consuming, and their secrets are weighed down by a complicated and intricate mix of dark and light shadows that Scorpio senses will be incomprehensible by the everyday world. The confidential soul of Scorpio simultaneously whispers and screams for affinity, and their hearts cry out for deep, sympathetic involvement.

Only when they soften their grip on their self-control and let slivers of themselves slip out will Scorpio realize that sharing their spirit with the world heals way more than it hurts. Scorpios belong to the archetype of rebel sex gods and goddesses mind my crude language and are exactly the ones that mothers warn their children against. It is believed that Hera summoned Scorpious, the scorpion, to kill Orion. The constellation that belongs to the Scorpio zodiac has the giant red star, Antares, lending to its magnificence.

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The constellation can be easily seen during summer, in the southern horizon. All those born approximately between 23rd October and 21st November fall under the Scorpio zodiac.

FACT 1: Honesty is very important to a Scorpio.

They give Scorpio the gift of power to overcome its curse. And Scorpio, only Scorpio, can come out of some of them alive, with just battle scars. Scorpio possesses an impressive ability to see into the mind, heart, and soul of anything that interests them. They succeed in understanding and gaining insight into things by using their potent penetrating power. But it is a glorious gift when used for good.

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  • So if the Scorpio can purify his penetrative intentions, and not allow his feelings to get in the way, a great deal of healing, learning, and transformation will take place. Scorpios have penetrating eyes. Ruled by Pluto and its intensity, their eyes will make you tense within a glance. Glowing Zodiac. They have distractingly beautiful features a simple nose, a prominent jaw but elegant chin, dominant eye brows but these only exist to draw you away from the fact that all Scorpios have eyes like death, heavy with mystery.

    Log in Sign up. If you turn your back on a Scorpio, don't bother coming back. You aren't needed. Some Scorpio Facts. The reason that Scorpios can seem two-faced is because they only act like themselves to few select people. Scorpios are very committed and loyal when they finally let themselves love someone. Scorpios are argumentative, and if they feel strongly enough about a certain subject they will argue it until the death.


    Scorpio Horoscope: Scorpio Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Characteristics

    If two Scorpios get into an argument with each other, they will never stop, because a Scorpio always needs to have the last word. Scorpios hate fake people. Scorpios need their space. Even the most social Scorpio will want to be alone sometimes, just to wind down and think about how they feel. Scorpios need time to think about things and to decide how they feel.

    Scorpio scorpio facts astrology zodiac aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces txt original post astrology blog. Mars in Scorpio This is where Mars feels at home, but not as much as in Aries. Scorpio Facts. Scorpios won't even express their resentment out loud even if they are possessing a volcano inside. Scorpio, sun sign People born under the sign of Scorpio can think very clearly, they have a good judgement and can assess situations very well.

    Take me to the sea.

    The Personality of a Scorpio, Explained

    If you ever need an honest opinion about anything, Scorpio is the friend you're looking for. She might come off as blunt and brutal, but she only does this because of how much she respects honesty. Th ere's nothing Scorpio hates more than a liar. If you tell the truth and come clean, Scorpio will be more than forgiving. Like I said, Scorpios tend to keep their feelings to themselves and it takes a lot for them to finally let somebody in.

    Sexuality Traits of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio

    This is why they come off as so mysterious because no one truly knows what they're thinking or how they feel. It might seem like Scorpio is just shy, but in truth, she actually loves that people are so puzzled by her. This is what gives her an edge, and there's nothing wrong with being a tease, right? Something about Scorpio intrigues people and immediately draws them in, her mysteriousness, perhaps? While she acts calm, cool, and collected on the outside, she has a fiery inside, and this is what makes her so attractive.

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    To Scorpio, relationships are all about passion. She is an intense love and will give you the attention you need even after the so-called honeymoon phase is over. However, the truth is actually quite the opposite.

    Interesting Facts About Scorpio

    If a Scorpio gains the courage to share something personal with you, they expect this same treatment in return. Scorpios often come off as being heartless or emotionless, but this is totally false. Scorpios are actually very in touch with their emotions and the emotions of those around them. It might take Scorpio some time to trust you enough to share how she feels, but that doesn't mean she isn't feeling anything at all. Just give her the time she needs to become comfortable, and you'll be surprised by how deep she really is.

    Because Scorpios come off as being sexy and self-aware, people often get the impression that they're selfish. The truth is, Scorpios actually have a very softcore.